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Luxury Rally Club was founded in 2018 by Trevor Johnson and Craig Ekberg, who share a prestigious taste and passion for driving. Since then, we have become the world's top experiential company in the automotive and luxury space. LRC creates exclusive events for high-end car collectors, wealthy business leaders, celebrities, and those alike. When we aren't driving - fine dining, visiting lavish hotels, and live entertainment are a few of our favorite pastimes. We are committed to producing experiences that are specially tailored to create lifelong memories. 


"Founded by Trevor Johnson and Craig Ekberg, the company is reinventing what auto rallies are by offering highly curated experiences that leave no detail to chance. Based in Southern California, the company has been hired by a myriad of auto companies and private groups to plan and execute the world's finest rally events." 


Nobleman Magazine

"I wanted to honor the Carrera GT in a way that had not been done yet... eating and drinking amazing food and wine and spending a few days just admiring the car. When I spoke to Luxury Rally Club about my idea they were immediately on board. LRC could not have done a better job.”


Jimmy Prountzos


"Perhaps the secret to it all is that at LRC's extremely cool events, the prime directive is simply to have a hell of a lot of fun, and there are markedly very few rules - except, of course, when behind the wheel, 'always keep the shiny side up'." 


Maxim Magazine

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