On August 10th, 2021, the team at Miami Based vintage car dealership, Curated, put together an event with Luxury Rally Club which will make an indelible mark on automotive history. Twenty-nine vintage Lamborghini examples, including twenty-two Countachs, were unloaded into the parking lot at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay in preparation for their internet debut. Everything from “lowbody” cars to 25th Anniversary Editions were on display with their doors up.

That night, Luxury Rally Club hosted a dinner where the drivers had a chance to take a look at the new Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini timepieces from behind their gifted pairs of Leisure Society sunglasses. The drivers then went to their rooms as they prepared for the trip of a lifetime.

On the second day, the cars began to line up with Valentino Balboni leading the pack to Monterey. 22 Countachs hit the streets with an LM002 “Granada-Dakar” and Diablo GT, SE30, SVR variants following up the rear. The evolution of Lamborghini cars lined up one by one as the iconic audience to the 50th anniversary of the Countach. The cars shut down the pier in Santa Cruz, and then made their way into Monterey, their angular forms heralding a week of automotive excellence.

And on the third day, The Countach Rally was able to make every automotive enthusiast’s dream come true. All the cars made their way to Laguna Seca for a parade lap around the track. To see this many Countaches is an incredible sight in its own right, but to see them hitting the infamous “Corkscrew” was truly exhilarating. From there, the cars were displayed at the Saint Lucia Preserve party until they drove out onto the field of The Quail event for Friday.

The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering helped bring the rally full circle, for this was the day the brand new Lamborghini Countach was unveiled. Regardless of personal opinion, to experience a week of the Countach’s retro charm culminating in its rebirth within the newest model is unforgettable. A performance like that, which unites nostalgia with radical newness, makes all of Curated’s hard work worth it.

Trevor Johnson and his team are first class. They created an experience that goes unmatched by anything that has previously been done in the automotive space. John Temerian and his team took care of the rest and made sure each driver had the time of their lives and a properly running car. It was truly an honor to be a part of history with our dear friends at Curated. It will be hard to surpass the opportunity to participate in The Rally Heard Around the World.

The event was sponsored by Turtle Wax, Roger Dubuis, Burgess Yacht, the Luxury Rally Club, and ModFind.

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